A Persian Wedding

Persians love to dance (Of course, I already knew that since I am Persian!) Here is a short clip of the action at Sheeva and Mark’s Wedding. at The Opera House in Los Gatos.



  1. WOW! This is very unique dance.

  2. Rich Amooi says:

    Hi Shelly!

    Yes, that dance was very cool!

  3. Robbie Schlosser says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for this wonderful video! Did you take it with your point-and-shoot camera, or is it a videographer's work? Either way, I think it's a great demonstration of my undocumented theory that ALL people enjoy moving in rhythm to music. It's human nature, I think, true to some degree for EVERY culture. Just watch a 2-year-old, who hasn't yet learned much about his parents' culture, bounce along to some infectious music — ANY music.
    I think we'll agree that dancing, in some form or another, helps EVERY party come to life. Nice that we can make a living helping that happen. Very cool, as you say.
    So thanks again for this terrific video, and I hope to work with you again soon.

  4. Rich Amooi says:

    Hi Robbie,

    Yes, I took that video with my little camera… definitely not the work of a pro. And yes, most people enjoy moving to the rhythm of the music. It was hard for me to stand still while I was shooting that video because I was enjoying the beat!