This is why I do what I do

I love to browse through photos from my past events. They make me smile. What makes me smile even more are the letters of gratitude I receive from my clients every year. I love my job. :)

“Dear Rich,

Two months have passed and we are still delighting in the memories of the day that Stephanie and Tom were married.

I want to thank you for the enormous part you played in making that day one of the greatest days of my life. I know that Gary, Stephanie, and Tom feel the same way. You made the reception so much fun. From your opening remarks, to sharing the significance of the cake top, to the final dance, you made it all so personal. Countless people have told us that they have never had so much fun at a wedding reception. You kept the dance floor full all evening and everyone, young and old, had a chance to enjoy their type of music.

You have a genuine gift for using music to spread joy. Thank you so much for sharing that gift with us.”

Edie Keck (Mother of the Bride)
Wedding Reception for Stephanie & Tom Little at Cinnabar Hills Country Club.

Take Me Home Tonight!

About thirty minutes before the end of the wedding reception, I had to make an announcement regarding the centerpiece giveaway. As the song faded out, I clicked on the microphone, getting ready to speak. But before I could even utter a word into the mic, a woman starting singing “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money at the top of her lungs!

It was the craziest thing. Where did she get her motivation from? A fond memory? Five shots of tequila? Whatever it was, it caught on like wildfire. All of a sudden, the entire room was singing the words to the song! In this situation, most DJ’s probably would have just stood there, or proceeded into the announcement about the centerpieces, as planned. This is just one of the many differences between an average DJ and a Master DJ: improvisation.

I knew I only had a few seconds to react to their madness or the moment would be lost. I quickly found that Eddie Money song in my library and had it playing in fifteen seconds (that’s the beauty of being all digital). EVERYONE WENT NUTS!! Just about every guest at the reception rushed the dance floor and danced and sang like they were at a concert! It was an awesome moment that took the energy level of the evening to an all-time high.

The Bride and Groom, Stephanie and Gary, rocked out with 225 of their closest friends and family at the Saratoga Country Club. To say it was an incredible reception would be an understatement. They are my favorite type of clients because of two big reasons: 1) They wanted to dance. 2) They wanted to party.

Happy New Year!

2014cWishing you a year of love, health, peace, happiness, and laughter. :)

Happy Friday! Yahooooo!

awesome dj

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing business, wonderful family and friends, and a beautiful wife (imported from Spain!). To show my gratitude, I love to give back to the community. I was thrilled when Big Brothers, Big Sisters called me, looking for a DJ to donate their services for their fundraiser. I played a variety of music from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s—as well as current hits from the radio—as the guests ate tasty food, sampled wine, and participated in the silent auction to raise money. It was a wonderful night. My wife—my angel—wanted to help too so she volunteered to be my assistant. Isn’t that so sweet? I just need to kiss her now!

Did they dance? Yes!

Tim and Allie rocked the house at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club with their closest friends and family. Here is a shot of them during the last dance at the end the evening. Still going strong!Allie and Tim small

Thank you!

The wedding and special event industry is a pretty tight-knit community and I am fortunate to have many friends. I wanted to mention a few of them now, to say ‘thanks” for your support. If you are searching for professionals for your wedding or special event, I highly recommend them. Click on their names to visit their websites. They are some of the best in the business.

Lucie XYZ Photography
Mike Danen Photography

Catered Too
Pangea Catering and Events

Wedding Receptions That Rock! The Book

Book coverI must say that it’s a pretty exciting day for me professionally. I’ve been a Wedding DJ for over twenty years (and I’ve been on the radio for over thirty). But now…I am officially an author.

People had been telling me for several years that I should write a book about planning wedding receptions, so that I could share my knowledge with brides and grooms. Well, I did it and I’m very proud of the final product.

Wedding Receptions That Rock! is for anyone planning a wedding reception, but can also be a great resource for DJ’s who are just getting into the business and want to learn some tricks of the trade. Get your copy of the book here:


If you do not have a Kindle or Nook, you can get a free app for your smartphone, tablet, or iPad.

The cool part is that those are actually my clients (Katie and Dave Orsburn) on the cover of the book. This amazing photo was taken by Jeff and Julie Photography and I love it because it captures the energy and excitement that I talk about in the book.

What’s next for me? Well, in addition to the weddings that I will continue DJ’ing for my amazing clients (I love my job!), I am now writing another book, but this time it is fiction (a romantic comedy). Of course, the story will have a happy ending. :)

A New Year…A New Book!

2012 was an amazing year for me personally and professionally. I am so grateful for my incredible wife, family, friends, and clients. I’ve got some pretty cool things coming up in 2013 too, including my first book being published for brides. More on that in the coming weeks! I wish you a year filled with love, health, peace, happiness, silliness, adventure, fun, and quality time with your friends and family.  :)

Katie and Dave at Coyote Creek Golf Club

Were Katie and Dave ready to party? You bet! I guess it’s pretty obvious by their expressions. This was a shot perfectly captured by Jeff and Julie Photography as I introduced the newlyweds to the guests waiting inside the banquet room for dinner. This is how you enter a room!