Fun! Fun! Fun!

I was browsing through my photo albums this morning and enjoying all of the fun photos from my client’s weddings when I stumbled upon this gem. This one is one of my favorite photos from a wedding I did at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame. (Julie and Josh were the Bride and Groom)I just love the energy, the excitement, and especially the reaction of the Bride and Groom as the guests lifted their chairs in the air. That was such a super-fun reception.

Wedding – Kohl Mansion

As the guests were coming in, I noticed a pregnant woman. Then another. And another. Freaky! Did I show up to the wrong place? Was this a wedding or a Lamaze Class? And just when I thought all of the pregnant women in Silicon Valley were attending this particular wedding, here comes twin sister’s who are BOTH pregnant! UNBELIEVABLE! All in all, I estimate 10% of the guests were pregnant.

130 people were in the house (mansion) for this super-fun celebration at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame. Kelly and Craig converted the room where the dancing was into a cool, hip, lounge-type nightclub complete with comfy couches, end tables, light-boxes, palm trees, up-lighting, candles, and flowers. It was such a cool vibe and the guests absolutely loved it. Everyone was talking about it. Here are a couple of pics. Keep in mind this room was completely empty before the reception.

I think Kelly and Craig hold the world-record for the shortest wedding ceremony (not including those in Vegas)…6 minutes.

First Dance: “I’ll Be” – Edwin McCain
Parent’s Dance: “Kind & Generous” – Natalie Merchant
Farewell Dance: “At Last” – Etta James

This was a high-energy reception (my favorite type!) They ate. They drank. They cheered. They danced. I don’t recall a time when I did not see Kelly and Craig on the dance floor. When I announced the last song of the night, some of the guests booed me! I LOVE IT! (This is the ultimate compliment because it means they did not want to leave)