Did they dance? Yes!

Tim and Allie rocked the house at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club with their closest friends and family. Here is a shot of them during the last dance at the end the evening. Still going strong!Allie and Tim small

Wende and Cubie

Now that was a party! Wende and Cubie only had 88 people at their wedding reception at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club last night, but it felt like 200 because of the energy. Yes, they were ready to party. Here is a fun picture of the Groom, Cubie, having a great time on the dance floor with his groomsmen, his Dad, and the rest of the guests.

First Dance: “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” – Stevie Wonder
Father-Daughter Dance: “What a Wonderful World” – Israel “Iz”
Groom-Mother Dance: “Circle of Life” – Elton JohnIn an awesome sponteaneous moment towards the end of the reception, some of the guests decided it would be a great idea to lift Wende and Cubie up over their heads. It was so much fun to watch. I love when my clients get wild and crazy! That’s what parties are all about!