Take Me Home Tonight!

About thirty minutes before the end of the wedding reception, I had to make an announcement regarding the centerpiece giveaway. As the song faded out, I clicked on the microphone, getting ready to speak. But before I could even utter a word into the mic, a woman starting singing “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money at the top of her lungs!

It was the craziest thing. Where did she get her motivation from? A fond memory? Five shots of tequila? Whatever it was, it caught on like wildfire. All of a sudden, the entire room was singing the words to the song! In this situation, most DJ’s probably would have just stood there, or proceeded into the announcement about the centerpieces, as planned. This is just one of the many differences between an average DJ and a Master DJ: improvisation.

I knew I only had a few seconds to react to their madness or the moment would be lost. I quickly found that Eddie Money song in my library and had it playing in fifteen seconds (that’s the beauty of being all digital). EVERYONE WENT NUTS!! Just about every guest at the reception rushed the dance floor and danced and sang like they were at a concert! It was an awesome moment that took the energy level of the evening to an all-time high.

The Bride and Groom, Stephanie and Gary, rocked out with 225 of their closest friends and family at the Saratoga Country Club. To say it was an incredible reception would be an understatement. They are my favorite type of clients because of two big reasons: 1) They wanted to dance. 2) They wanted to party.

Attack of the Cheeseheads.

Many of the 135 guests at Steve and Yunmi’s reception were from Wisconsin (including the Groom). People from Wisconsin are proud people. They love to be called “Cheeseheads”. Most of them probably have Green Bay Packer blankets on their beds. Of course, who am I to talk? I have a stuffed green frog on my bed. Hey, don’t laugh! Those Cheeseheads were a bunch of fun! Photo by Todd Rafalovich.Steve and Yunmi have great taste in music and they both love to dance. They also had some very cool songs for special dances:

Processional: “Ever The Same” (acoustic) – Rob Thomas
Recessional: “As” – Stevie Wonder
First Dance” “So High” – John Legend

I got misty-eyed while watching Steve and Yunmi’s first dance. You may think that I am a big baby. I prefer to think of myself as a romantic with a sensitive side. lol. I just loved the way that they looked at each other and held each other. It was so beautiful.

Besides Wisconsin, people came from other parts of the United States to attend this lively reception and some even traveled from as far as Brazil and Korea. And they came to party!