Big Time San Jose Wedding

Gina and Serge wanted to party…and they did! Here is a great pic from an awesome wedding reception that I did at Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose. This is what it’s all about!

An International Affair

Last night’s reception for John and Jane at Silver Creek Valley Country Club was fun and VERY unique. It was the first time I ever DJ’d a Canadian-Vietnamese Wedding. How cool! What else made it so unique? Over 50% of the guests traveled from out of town to be there! Guests came from Canada, Boston, Norway, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Viet Nam, Las Vegas, Seattle, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Virginia. WOW!If you are into sweets, you would have loved John and Jane’s reception. They had the traditional wedding cake as well as a candy table AND a chocolate fountain with plenty of goodies to go dipping.

First Dance: “From This Moment” by Shania Twain.
Side Note: Obviously John and Jane appreciate photo and video very much because they had 4 Photographers and 2 Videographers documenting their wedding day.

Grease is the Word.

Something very funny happens when I play a song from the Grease Soundtrack at a Wedding Reception. People come alive! It’s as if they were all closet-actors just waiting for the right moment to showcase their acting and singing abilities. I never get tired of watching the transformation and the craziness. Of course, it happened again Sunday evening at Scott and Jillian’s Reception. Here is a great picture of the Bride having fun with a few of the guests during the song “Summer Lovin”. Photo from Genesis Photography.

Kabobs and Kimchi? NOT!

We are blessed to live in an area filled with wonderful people from all over the world. I think it’s one of the coolest things about the Bay Area. I had the pleasure of experiencing that diversity last night at the Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose.

150 guests gathered for Steve and Shiva’s Wedding. Steve is Korean. Shiva is Persian. Typically, these two groups are very different at weddings. Persians tend to be more outgoing and very passionate about dancing while Koreans usually are a little more conservative. But last night, they were all on the same page. Party time!
The Bridal Party Introductions were the most energetic and fun I’ve seen all year. Strutting into the room to the beats of “SexyBack” from Justin Timberlake, the members of the Bridal Party showed personality, energy, and some great moves as they pumped up the entire room with energy. What’s the best way to finish off an an incredible entrance? How about a back flip by the groom on the dance floor. Everyone went nuts!
First Dance: “When You Know” – Shawn Colvin”
Father-Daughter: “Unforgettable” – Nat King Cole
Farewell Dance: “Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye

Shiva and Steve are world travelers so it was only fitting that their tables were named after places they visited like Capri, Athens, Rome, Puerto Vallarta, Istanbul, along with a few others. They even had a picture of the two of them at each location. Very cool.

The Bride Shiva wins the award for the most excited Bride. Every time she sent me an e-mail during the planning process, it was filled with smiley faces and exclamation points. It was great to see such positivity and enthusiasm considering she was cramming to become an orthodontist the last couple of years while planning her wedding from out of state in Connecticut. She actually hired me for her wedding over 2 years ago!!

Shiva came up to me at the end of the night and gave me the biggest hug. (Even the Groom Steve hugged me!) They were both so sweet. Then Shiva said “You know the guests would have danced until 5am”. I believed her. What a fun night.