A Spook-Tacular Wedding!

Have you ever been to a Halloween Wedding where all of the guests came in costumes? They are rare. In fact, I’ve only done 2 weddings like this. The first time was over 10 years ago and the Bride asked me to dress up as a cow. (Yes, I honored her request! lol)

Karen and Kevin held their ceremony and reception at Testarossa Vineyards in Los Gatos. It was spooky. There were witches and goblins. But we all felt at ease because Batman was near by. They even had a giant orange wedding cake with bats and spiders on it.

The ceremony was held in the Cave. There were candles and glowing pumpkins everywhere. They requested music from the movie soundtrack “Edward Sissorhands” for the ceremony. During dinner, I played Monster Mash, Warewolves in London, Superstition, Don’t Fear The Reaper, Witchy Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, and of course Ghostbusters. They even had a Tarot Card Reader for the guests.

Karen and Kevin did everything they could to make this the most non-traditional wedding ever. And they succeeded. The guests loved it too. From the all-vegetarian dinner (yummy!) to the candy-apple wedding favors, everything was unique and memorable. Karen was so kind and considerate and checked in with me several times to make sure I had enough food and candy. How sweet! She even had funny pictures of her 4 cats on the tables. Now that was a unique wedding!