Duck Duck Goose!

As I was getting out of my car yesterday at The Villages Country Club in San Jose, 2 ducks buzzed right by my head and landed 20 feet from me. I watched them as they waddled by. Funny though, my next thought was…AFLAC!! Ahh, the power of advertising!

What a night for the lovebirds (ducks?) Lois and Brian. They met years ago while ballroom dancing and were eager to have a reception filled with lots of dancing. After hearing a few ballroom songs that the Bride and Groom requested, a young girl whispered in my ear Do you have any “normal” music?” Lol.

Lois and Brian practiced their first dance for 8 weeks and it was perfectly choreographed. But in one of the funniest spontaneous moments I’ve seen this year, 3 guests grabbed the table numbers from their tables and held them up as if they were judges in a dance competition and were rating the Bride and Groom on their performance. The guests loved it. Great scores too!