OMG! Wedding Stories

One of the wild wedding stories that I submitted has been published in the new book “OMG! Wedding Stories: Hilarious, Outrageous, Embarrassing, Shocking, & Bizarre Wedding Stories“. Hint: It has something to do with all of the groomsmen jumping in the pool with their tuxedos on before the start of the reception. This book is now available in all major bookstores or on How cool!


  1. Stacie Tamaki says:

    Congratulations Rich! Can't wait to read your story :)

  2. Rich Amooi says:

    Thanks so much Stacie! I am excited. Have a SUPER day!

  3. Oren Arieli says:

    That's great news. I wish I knew about this, cause I've got some forehead-slappers of my own. I'll have to get you to sign my copy.

  4. Rich Amooi says:

    Thanks Oren! We should publish our own book!