That groom can dance!

100 people attended Tyson and Sahana’s celebration and what a beautiful night it was! The groom Tyson is my hero. Here he is dancing to “Like A Prayer” by Madonna with a bunch of girls and a groomsman. It is rare to see a guy dancing to Madonna. Two thumbs WAY UP for this groom!
Tyson and Sahana could not make up their mind on their first dance song. In fact, they didn’t tell me what it was going to be until 2 minutes before they were actually going to dance to it. But I could easily tell after the song started that they were very happy with their decision. The guests loved it too.

First Dance: “Is This Love” – Bob Marley
Father-Daughter Dance: “Stand By Me” – John Lennon
Farewell Dance: “When I’m 64” – The BeatlesHere’s a great picture of the beautiful bride, Sahana, having fun with her husband! They had 3 cakes last night. One cake for them and then one cake for each of their friends who were celebrating a birthday. What a classy move to think of others on your wedding day.